Il Sentiero dei Castagni.

From Borgo Val di Taro starts a route which arrives till the groupings of stone houses of Vighini and Carlinetti, between marvellous woods of chestnut trees fed by streams, springs and peat bogs.

From the station of Borgotaro it is possible to take the provincial road of Passo del Bratello, then turn left to go to the town of Grifola. From here on, it is possible to travel on the council road till borgo dei Vighini. There is also the possibility to travel on till the peat bog Orsaresso, living the pedestrian road between Vighini and Carlinetti, entering in the wood along the path (Cai 833 D), which coasts an abandoned chestnut tree wood,  and keeps on going between forests of chestnut trees, crosses Rio Orsaresso, which feeds the peat bog by the same name, then coasts a small pine wood  of spruces, silver firs and firs in the valley of Ghierma, to reach Prato Zuccone, a partially underground peat bog. From Prato Zuccone the path goes on and keeps on coasting the small pine wood till crossing Rio del Burallo and other streams to get to the ancient farmsteads of Pian del Lago, 770 meters of altitude. From here on the path goes back to Prato di Orsaresso, and goes on till Carlineti, which is near the starting point.